Day 1 - (25th June - Thursday) Arrival of Delegations

Day 2 - (26th June - Friday)    Training and Podium Training

Orientation Meeting

Judges’ Instruction

Day 3 - (27th June - Saturday) Qualification TRA Ind., TUM*, TRA SYN** and DMT* 

Day 4 - (28th June - Sunday) Finals (must be run separately)

Day 5 - (29th June - Monday) Departure of Delegations


*Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline can be run simultaneously with TRA individual or synchro

** SYN qualifications may also be run in the morning of day 4.


Delegations are allowed to arrive to Coimbra by 22th June 2020. 

LOC will provide training sessions from 23th to 25th June 2020 upon request.